English Farmstead Cheese

Wine-Soaked Cheese

Like cheese? Like wine? Then you’re sure to love our wine-soaked cheese! One of our newest creations combines our farmstead cow’s cheese with a Merlot from DeMariano Vineyards, a family operated vineyard located in Nebo, NC. Below is a picture of the curds after they are soaked in the wine. Notice the purple marbling in the cheese from where the wine has soaked in – yum! 

Wine-Soaked Cheese

Merlot-Soaked Cheddar

Our end goal is a Merlot-soaked cheddar, which will hopefully be ready in the next month or so. We will post an update once it is available. Also, we don’t have a name for this yet, so if you think of any good ones let us know!

Stop by and see us at the farm store this Friday and Saturday from 10-6. For information on store hours, special events, and happenings at the farm, please find us on Facebook, Twitter, or follow our blog.


 The English Family

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